Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simple Supper: Crackers and Cheese

I had to work late tonight and the last thing I wanted to do was a) stop at the grocery and, b) prepare something for dinner.  Ok, so that's two things.  Sue me.  I'm tired and make mistakes.  The more tired I am, the longer it takes me to walk the aisles and pick up what I need.  I end up getting stuff I just want.  Here's an example:

Ham, sliced or shaved
Spreadable cheese
Olives, as exotic as you like
Wine of your choice (optional)

1. Take a cracker.
2. Spread cheese on it.
3. Cut and flatten olive into cheese.
4. Cover with a piece of ham.
5. Enjoy followed by a slurp of wine.

How I chose my ingredients:
Crackers - My sister likes crackers with lots of fiber.  She will stand and compare fiber content for way too long.  I pick a cracker by the picture of it on the box.  I like them round with seeds and grains.  If they look like cardboard they probably taste like it.  There is a reason cardboard isn't considered a food.

Ham - I don't like water-logged ham.  I'd rather go to the deli counter and have them slice it fresh.  I like honey baked and black forest.  Roasted or smoked turkey breast is also good if your like my friend Jtran who "don't do no ham".

Spreadable cheese - I'm really not a cheese snob...ok, I am.  However, today I was looking for that processed cheese in the cute foil triangles with the bit of plastic that you pull, but the goat cheese was actually on sale for less.  And I am trying to choose things with less additives and processing.  If you do get goat cheese, make sure it's the spreadable kind.

Olives - I love them--as long as they aren't spicey.  Tonight, though, my eyes were glazing over staring at the rows upon rows of olive jars.  I remembered the deli counter had some and got just a few of three different kinds: baby kalamata, green with minced garlic and green with pimento.  I got about 15 olives for just over $1.

Note: If you don't like to enhance the flavor of your food with wine, you can stop reading here.

Wine - I am currently taken with  Chardonnays, but tonight I wanted a red.  I'm trying to learn to like them because they say the antioxidants are higher.  I do avoid cabernet savignon and merlot because I find them to be too acidic.  Also, I don't like to spend more than $10 for a wine I picked up at the grocery.  Today I got a great one for $5.  It's a California Shiraz from Barefoot and according to the sticker, it's an award winning wine.  I read the description on the back and liked the flavors mentioned.  I'm glad to pronounce it a success!

Just a couple notes on red wine: don't serve it too chilled.  I took it from the shelf of an air conditioned store, so I when I got home I went ahead and served myself some.  I swirled it a bit and let it sit while I made my tray of food.  It's supposed to "aerate" or breathe.  Ask.com explains it like this:
By allowing wine to mix and mingle with air, the wine will typically warm up and the wine's aromas will open up, the flavor profile will soften and mellow out a bit and the overall flavor characteristics should improve.  http://wine.about.com/od/winebasic1/a/breathe.htm

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